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Commercial Services

Food Processing

Food Processing

Take the risk out of Food Manufacturing- We developed coverages for food manufacturing operations to meet the needs and risks of the industry. Years of experience working with food manufacturers means we ask the right questions and develop coverage specific to your operations. Our goal is to reduce financial risk to your business while keeping your costs in check today, as well as in the long run.

Construction worker


We work closely with our construction clients to bring value where it’s needed most, delivering the resources that will have a true impact. Whether it’s safety, contractual recommendations, legal strategies, or employee management, we're here to support you!

Apartment Building

Apartment Buildings

As an owner of apartment buildings and rental units we know the risks and what keeps an apartment building owner up at night. We will help you transfer the risk over to an insurance company to let you sleep well.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing and Packaging

The insurance pitfalls when hiring a contract manufacturer or packager or when you are the contract manufacturer or packager are different than when you are building your own brand. What does your contract say as to who is responsible for handling the various problems that can arise? Can your insurance respond to those problems or do they contradict the contract? Get professional advice and make sure you're covered in the event of a loss.


Building Owners & Managers 

With the commercial real estate market expanding, building owners and property managers should take the proper precautions to help mitigate any risks associated with a growing portfolio. At Aleckson Insurance we understand that there are many factors that can determine the profitability of your assets. We provide a top to bottom risk assessment and place competitively priced coverage for even the hardest to insure properties.



Whether your company is sealing basements or doing foundation repairs, we have the insurance program and coverage that will keep you covered. Let's transfer your risk to the insurance company, so that you can run your business and focus on the day to day operations.








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